Loyalty with Love

DSC_2081 copy

This dog caught not just my attention, but the attention of everyone else late in the afternoon in the busy street of Chatuchak. It was very friendly and all smile. Wagging tail, wide eyes, ears back. He was tiny, looked like a mix of pekingese and shitzu.

We were sitting at the Information Booth, when all of a sudden, people started clamoring on something from where we were. My curiosity got me, I immediately stood up, stretched my neck, tip-toed to try and see what they are looking at.

Then I finally saw a tiny creature escorting an old lady.

DSC_2083 copy

I was agog and left my friends, walked towards the fluffy creature and its owner. His smile was captivating. It bursts a happy feeling to everyone that come near. Albeit, my heart broke when I looked at its owner – about late 70s or early 80s of age with an extreme condition of osteoporosis. The way she was reaching for her mat (as shown in the photo above), is the same way she walks around with her unleashed pooch. She was preparing her products to be sold in the streets with her loyal companion. If you happen to visit the place, buy something from her. She was selling coin pouches and wallets.


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